Communications Workers of America Local 1102



Candidate Endorsements

(As Accepted at General Membership Meeting 5-13-2015) 

The LPAT (Local Political Action Team) is proposing that the membership create a list of conditions that a candidate must satisfy to gain an endorsement from the Union. In order to maintain a productive relationship with members of our government at al levels, it is important that the candidates for potential positions know that they have the support of the membership. To solidify this, it is crucial that the membership flex its collective electoral strength. This means that we must come to an agreement as a group, and vote as a group for the collective good of the group. To this end, we are presenting the main issues that the committee identified as most important to our Union and the labor movement as a whole. Proposed issues and positions the membership expects the candidates to take in order to secure our endorsement:

Trade Agreements

Is the candidate’s position on trade deals going to support jobs in the U.S. and

eliminate incentives for moving jobs overseas?

Ex. The TPP that the current administration is pushing is the latest among

the deals that historically prove to be harmful to U.S. workers. Are they

against it?

US Call Center Bill-Does the candidate support this type of legislation

that keeps call centers here and requires the call center to identify

their location to the caller?

Worker’s Rights

Is the candidate’s position on worker’s rights supportive of workers?

Ex. NLRB- Are they willing to fully fund and not block pro-union

appointments to the NLRB so we have a fully functional defense

mechanism for worker rights? Right to Work- Is the candidate opposed to and willing to prevent “Right to work” Legislation?

Collective Bargaining- Is the candidate going to support collective bargaining?

Organizing- Is the candidate willing to help remove Organizing “road

blocks” and enable workers to join a union freely and without intimidation?


Is the candidate in support of common sense consumer regulations?

Ex. Net Neutrality- Are they in favor of the recent determination by the FCC

that puts Broadband under the umbrella of title II? This essentially bans

a carrier from blocking content, throttling speeds, or granting prioritized

access to the internet it return for payment or affiliation.

Pension Raiding- Are they willing to write and/or support legislation that

prevents businesses from being able to tap into pension/benefit funds

for personal or investor gain.

Fios Build Out-Is the candidate willing to push the company to ensure

high quality service for all in the Verizon footprint?

Economic Policy

Is the candidate’s position in line with maintaining a good quality standard of


Ex. Minimum wage- Is the candidate supportive of a higher minimum wage?

Paid sick leave Act- Is the candidate a supporter Paid Sick Leave Acts?

Project Labor- Is the candidate in favor of legislation requiring prevailing

wages for labor on projects that are funded by public money?



New York State Senator Diane Savino Supporting Local 1102 Members at Edgewater Garage


New York State Assemblyman Matt Titone Showing Support on Forest Ave